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Commercial properties often encompass multiple styles of roofing. CRS Roof Consultants support service can manage all your roof systems About
Learn more about Commercial Roof System Consulting Services, Types of Consultants and Outsourcing Roof Management
Learn more about Roof Management Cycles, Capital Expenditures vs Expensed Cost and How to Forecast Future Budgets
Learn more about Commercial Roof Systems as Investments, ROI Models and Comparisons

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CRS Roof Consultants offers a full range of roof management services dedicated to reducing your workload while increasing the return on roof system investments. For over 20 years our firm has been providing value added analysis, evaluation, technical support and specifications for commercial roof systems.

CRS offers full roof life-cycle management, from financial management strategies to turn-key maintenance programs and design expertise. CRS Roof Consultants develop life cycle management models for Property Managers, Owners, Investors & Operators.

Our strategic roof management solutions stabalize annual expenses while extending the serviceable life of roof systems, minumize roof leaks and tenant disruptions.

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" Are You Getting the Right Picture"
The Facts About Timing & Scheduling Roof Inspections

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Increase property management efficiency by spending less time on roof issues.

Our Client List
Real Estate Investment Trusts, Lenders and Property Owners/Operators, National & Local Property Managers, Contractors, Architects and Tenants.

Advanced technologies and best practice techniques improve the process and documentation of commercial roof management.
All CRS technical consultants have prior roofing experience with skills in sloped and low slope commercial roof systems.
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