Asset Management for Commercial Roof Systems!
Are You Prepared to Install Your Next Commercial Roof System?
Proper Preparation will Save $000s of Dollars

Commercial Roofs should last 20 to 30 years. These longer life-cycles directly impact the Property Owners Return on Investment (ROI)

On average, Commercial Roof Systems are replaced in less than 14 years.

The Average Annual Cost of Good and Bad Roof Systems Over a Twenty-Five to Thirty Year Life-Cycle

Why Roof Systems Fail

Early Commercial Roof System failures result from poor workmanship during installation.

And, the typical labor warranty is designed to exclude the very type of roof failures that can cost buyers for many, many years.

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The best approach is to influence labor processes and warranty language in a way that protects the buyers assets while making contractors accountable for the work they perform.

Oversight assures contractors are not taking shortcuts while documenting procedures.

Annual Maintenance Requirements

Short life-cycles are directly associated with increased annual maintenance for the life of the roof system. These expenses typically run between $3,000 and $5,000 annually.

Mandatory repairs can exceed $10,000 annually for large repairs that result from poor workmanship during roof installation.

Elective & Routine Maintenance

Elective repairs and other annual expenses include Preventative Maintenance, routine services and inspections. These cost are relative to keeping roof assets in top condition and prolonging the serviceable life while improving the ROI.

Unanticipated repair expenses proportionately reduce the Owners ROI.

Extending Serviceable Life-Cycles
Oversight helps to assure your roof system is installed using best practices. Roof systems installed with RRO oversight tend to have serviceable life-cycles that range between 25 and 30 years.

The Clients Advocate
Real Roof Consultants are experienced roofing professionals with industry certifications as Registered Roof Observer's (RRO), in Project Management, Project Estimating and skilled Technical Writers. In addition, Independent Consultants are completely divorced from the supply chain.

Where to Start

  • Always bid your roofing project - Use a clearly defined Bid Specification!
    Our bid specifications are designed "In The Client 's Best Interest.
  • Always Review the Written Labor Warranty - Write or License Your Own!
    We also design professionally written "Labor Warranty for Buyers". Customized to your project with enforceable accountability.
  • Advisory Services Include
  • Roof System Selection
  • Labor Warranty Requirements
  • Detailed Scope of Work
  • Contractor Qualification
  • Manage Change Orders
  • Pre-Bid Reviews
  • Best Practice Techniques
  • Each CRS Consultant Has a Minimum of Twenty Years Experience As a Roofing Professional